Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Delaware Moving On A Budget

In response to today's economic woes, Starving Students Moving Company in Delaware presents moving tips: "How To Move On A Budget". Here are some suggestions on how you can cut costs and relocate your home or office successfully in Delaware.

1.Determine your moving budget. If you are hiring movers in Delaware, you'll need a reasonable budget, which will vary according to the size of your move and how far you are moving. Start by asking friends who did a similar move in Delaware what their costs were associated and about the details of the move. If you are informed about the rate details, you can make a good comparison and best determine a budget.

2. Book your move in advance. Generally, you’ll receive better pricing if you book farther in advance. Ask about promotions or if there are less expensive days to move. Week days and off-peak days will likely be at a lower rate and less busy if that’s an option for you.

3. Order Starving Students packing supplies in advance. We offer packing supplies on our website with free shipping to save you money. Use our Moving Materials Estimator to determine what you'll need. This will save you money on gas too since you won’t be driving around seeking supplies. You might also want to stop by the grocery store for scrap boxes. These aren’t the best for keeping your precious items safe, but they come in handy for extra items you didn’t consider or as packing material for strange-shaped items.

4. Invite friends and family over to help you pack and /or unpack. This is a good time to get together since you are moving, and you are very busy with moving arrangements and final details. Starving Students in Delaware also offers packing services. If you need assistance packing or unpacking, we are glad to help. If its light packing, we might even be able to do it on the same day as your move.

5. Prepare your furniture for transit before the movers arrive. Starving Students movers in Wilmington and Newark are professionals. If we see something that requires more attentive protection, we’ll take the initiative and fortify the bubble wrap on table corners for example. Anything you can do to prepare for the arrival of your movers will speed things up and save you money.

6. Plan the placement of your furniture before the moving day. A lot of time can be lost with difficult to move items. If your movers have trouble taking a large couch downstairs for example, they may have to find an alternate route. Measure furniture and door frames to verify that furniture will fit in your new location and think about where you’d like it to go. This can help you with Wilmington or Newark cable company arrangements as well in case you need new cable connections for your TV.

7. Map the route for your movers. Suggesting the best route for your movers to drive to the new location can increase efficiency. Avoid traffic and roads that are difficult for trucks to maneuver. Make sure that your movers also know the best way to access your new location with your belongings in tow.

We hope these moving tips are helpful. Thanks for viewing Delaware!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movers In Elsmere, Delaware

Starving Students servicing moves in Elsmere aims to provide our customers with the utmost in convenience. From packing services to portable storage units, we have the resources to deliver a full-service, stress-free relocation in Delaware for your home or office. Our professional movers will bring tools to disassemble your bed and reassemble it for your convenience – just notify your moving specialist to “bring tools”. You may contact us seven days a week for rate quotes or for assistance in planning the logistics for your move. We even work on many holidays because we understand that your time is precious.

Speaking of holidays, we are in the midst of the holiday blitz. If you are moving during the holidays in Elsmere, then you have a lot on your plate! Let us help you with the moving portion of your heaping plateful.

First, take a deep breath. Imagine how great it feels to be in your new home or office with everything neatly organized and your to-do list complete.
We can now commence with preparations. Scan our moving checklist and see how it applies to your move. We've outlined a timeline to assist you in getting things done bit by bit so that you aren't overwhelmed. The key is really to do a little something every day. I think this will make everything with respect to moving a bit more manageable.

Here are some moving tips too.

When I ever I move, I start by getting packing supplies. We have packing supplies available here with free shipping to Elsmere, Delaware. You'll want to get a fat black marker to mark your boxes. If you can see that a box is labeled "Living Room" form 4 feet away, its a lot easier to target when you are unloading. With packing supplies, you can put a few boxes together and fill them as you go. Maybe fill a box a couple of nights a week when you get home from work.
And try to keep your home clean. When you start packing, a lot of dust can rise. Best to keep that dust under wraps so you can feel your best during this complicated time.

When you are packing, you'll come across a lot of unwanted items. Set them aside for a yard sale or for donation. Its best to eliminate items now so you don't have to pay to move stuff that you don't want. And you'll feel good knowing that your new home or business will be better organized.
If you plan this right, you can use your downtime to have fun shopping in Elsemere. I suggest that you stay away from the malls and head to the local gift fairs where the ambiance is a bit more relaxing.

This is a great time to visit Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library -- Take a trip back to the 18th and 19th centuries and experience old fashioned holiday celebrations. Learn the origin of traditional holiday customs and enjoy seasonal festivities. Its open through January 9th, and you might find some gifts there.
Happy Holidays Elsmere, Delaware!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Delaware! From Starving Students

Starving Students wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

This is a time when we can all focus on being grateful for those people, pets, and events that make life great!

Starving Students would like to share our gratitude for our loyal customers who have allowed us to be such an important part of their lives for 37 years.

We look forward to making your life easier for many years to come!

Starving Students Movers
We Put Our Heart Into Every Move - Since 1973 ™

Friday, November 19, 2010

Newark Delaware Moving Preparations

Hello Newark, Delaware!

Thanks for reading our blog. We wanted to reach out to you because we know that you are moving sometime soon either within Newark or in the surrounding areas, and we thought you'd benefit from some moving tips.

Maybe you are moving from Alexis Drive to Valley Stream or Woodcrest Court to Broom Court? We'll evaluate the distance as well as the size of your move in Newark, and then give you all the details regarding moving rates and what's included.

Most moves in Newark are done with 2 professional movers. If you have a 3 or 4 bedroom house, you may want to add additional movers to make things go faster or to accommodate larger pieces of furniture for example. When you contact us at our branch that services Newark, your moving specialist will advise you on how many movers would be optimal.

The holidays are on the way with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner. Maybe you need to put some items in storage to make room for guests coming to you from outside Delaware? We can deliver a portable storage container to you, load it, store in our climate-controlled warehouse, and then redeliver when your guests depart. This is a really convenient approach. If you already have a storage space and just want to add items, we can provide labor and the truck at a low rate.

Maybe you just need a couple of helping hands unpacking holiday decor and bringing the special dining table up from the cellar for the family reunion? We assist many families who need personal affects arranged at their homes.

We do office moves too! If you are moving your office over the next couple of months, get in touch. We're launching a few holiday promotions that might save you money on your office move or even packing supplies.

We have lots of ways to get in touch and we work longer hours than just about anybody. Go to our website for contact information. We'd love to hear from you Newark, Delaware!

Starving Students Moving Company